Three Japanese Force Counteroffensive Bora & Passat, 马克

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After Sept, Japanese joint ventures start its advertisement step by step. Compared with Germany and American brands, Japanese auto companies also advertise around their technologies. Dongfeng Nissan restarted its CVT popularization propaganda, and Honda keeps popularizing its FUNTEC technology.

Japanese cars sales have increased for 3 months. And sales of last month exceed hot Germany cars. Why Japanese is able to exceed Germany? It becomes hot topic around auto industry at end of this year.

“We definitely will take back our lost market, and the next fourth quarter this year will make up the hole we have for the first three quarters.” Song YANG, vice sales director of Dongfeng Nissan made his announcement.

According to China Automobile Industry Association statistics, Japanese passenger car sales growth pushes total sales upwards. In Nov, compared with last month, foreign passenger cars sales in China, Germany, Japanese, American, and France passenger cars take market share of 15.6%, 19.2%, 12.7%, 8.6% and 3.2% respectively. Compared with last month, Japanese brands sales grow fast over last month, and market share exceeds Germany. Germany and Japanese take 20.3% and 20.8% market sharerespectively compared with last month did. Japanese market share taking exceeds Germany does as well.

Diaoyu Island event pushes Japanese brands sales into deep bottle, and joint ventures are forced to cut their marketing and take the event quietly. After 1 year recovery, three Japanese brands: Toyota, Nissan and Honda sales have return to similar level before the event. Single form market is the two flags that Nissan Sylphy, GAC Toyota Camry sales has recovered. Japanese joint ventures believe that the crisis has past already.

In the first 11 months, Japanese car growth of the first 10 months keeping increasing. Germany, American, Korean and France keep relative fast growth as well. Germany and Japanese passenger car accumulated market share reach 19.2% and 16%. From the sales of Jan to Nov of foreign cars, compared with last year, Japanese increases 7.1%. Its growth rate 5.4% more over Oct did. Germany and France growth are faster than industry average. Germany and Japanese cars accumulated market share are 24.8% and 17.8% respectively.

“The crisis has smashed our business logic, and our marketing has come back to original point. We learn to face our trouble properly.” Japanese auto companies wide recognized that entire one year downturn sales break the original business expands pace of them and rule has reorganized.

GAC Honda has hit high record again this Nov. Its sales reach 47,086, which has increased 122% over the performance of last year. It has achieved 100% monthly growth for 3 months. From Jan to Nov, its accumulated sales are 368,555, which haveincreased 30%. It walk forwards 400,000 sales goal of this year. With Jada and 9th Accord launching market, GAC Honda sales of 2013 has rapid growth. Growth starts from 3% of the first half this year strong increase to 30%. At just finished Guangzhou Auto Exhibition, GAC Honda executive vice general manager Jun YU has his explain for GAC sales “strong growth”. He said that strong sales increase not only refers to sales and product lines increase, but also concern about better quality and customer demand fit.

In Sept, Toyota, Honda and Nissan sales have a dramatic increase. Market share comes from 9% over last Sept to 18.7% this year. New Teana and the new Accord have sold 10,782 and 10,448. Sylphy is the only Japanese car ranked at top 10 long-term which looks as a sample of Japanese brand. The car has sold 27 thousand, which has hit the record high.

Main products of GAC Toyota—Camry and Highland do not lag behind neither. In Nov, Camry take the sales champion of upper medium car segment. It has finished Germany govern. Meanwhile, Highland has achieved 52 sales championssuccessively, which is rare in SUV segment.

Last Oct, Dongfeng Nissan has sold 20 thousand plus only, which only equal to one week sales. Song YANG said that “the last three months of this year, Dongfeng Nissan growth will obviously exceed industry average for sure, and year growth will exceed industry average as well.”

According to Dongfeng statistics, Dongfeng Nissan passenger car sales of Nov have reached 105.6 thousand, which has increased 111.74%. Among them, Sylphy is sold 31.3 thousand, which has increased 200% over last year. New Tiida is sold 12.8 thousand, which has increased 126.91%. Qashqai is sold 13 thousand, which has increased 163.59%. New Sunny has reached 9,461 sales, which has increased 43.7%. New Teana is sold 11.5 thousand. And new Livina is sold 12.6 thousand. From Jan to Nov, Dongfeng Nissan has sold 821.2 thousand accumulated, which has increased 15.09% over last year. Itsoperation is getting better./

Because of Japanese car promotion, Germany and American auto growth slower than foreign brand average. In Sept, Germany and American auto growth are 21.6% and 23.1%. However, Germany cars sales exceed Japanese cars too much already, which have achieved 307 thousand.

The problem for Japanese car is Germany has taken too much reputation after the Diaoyu Island. In the first 8 months, Volkswagen Passat and Magotan have sold 159.6 thousand and 126.5 thousand respectively, which have taken the first two top of upper medium segment. New launching Camry is at the key period, which has achieved 112.1 thousand sales, which ranked behind Magotan.

After New Teana and the new Accord launching market, although stiff competition still exists inside Japanese cars, Japanese auto companies have a common competitor: Passat. During their overwhelming advisements, the reference is the Passat./

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